Yaounde, Cameroon light4angels@gmail.com

Blandine Therese Kemayou

Moved by the increasing rate abortion and baby abandonment in Cameroon and guided by the Holy Spirit, Blandine Kemayou created “Light for Angels” in 2017 to help vulnerable pregnant woman and bring comfort to post-abortion victims.

She holds a Master’s degree in civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas and works since 2016 as a Structural engineer.

Sophie Stella Ngate epse Endeme

Stella Endeme is a housewife with 3 children. Her journey through a spiritual movement allowed her to touch young girls’s pain facing post-abortion trauma; from there came the need to help them. As a mother, she considers that defending life is for her a duty.
She obtained a master’s degree in biology at the University of Dschang, Cameroon.
Stella is passionate about helping those in need, especially when it comes to innocent like unborn children.

Larisse Tantchou, MD

Larisse Tantchou is a board certfied Medical doctor specialised in Family Practice. Dr. Tantchou speaks English, French and German. Medicine is Dr. Tantchou’s passion because it brings comfort to another human being.