Yaounde, Cameroon light4angels@gmail.com

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

L4A is committed to improve the overall health and well being of Pregnant women in our community. We aim to reduce the  rate of illegal abortion and abandon of babies in trash can in Cameroon and defend the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. L4A provides free, confidential and Christ-Centered services to women in pregnancy crisis and anyone who might be affected by a past, present and future unplanned  pregnancy.

We empower women and everyone to see beyond the obstacles and offer them means to make better choice for themselves and unborn baby.

Our Vision

To show the love of Christ in promoting the sanctity of human life at any stage by providing emotional, material and Christ-Centered support to :

  • Women in pregnancy crisis who might consider abortion due to lack of support and information.
  • Women who are currently experiencing  hardship due to an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Any individuals suffering from a past abortion to rediscover God’s Love, self-forgiveness and renewal

Our Values

At Light For Angels (L4A) we want to:

  • Lighten women facing unintended pregnancies by providing  life-affirming choices, material, emotional and spiritual support throughout the pregnancy and afterward
  • Form and Inform unmarried youth and young adults on the benefit of sexual integrity and abstinence
  • Assist individuals suffering from a past abortion to rediscover God’s Love ,self-forgiveness and love of their self and others

We strongly value:

  • Servant Leadership-Enrich the lives of our client by serving and caring for them
  • People – Involvement and teamwork to help pregnant women in our center  not to feel lonely.
  • Excellence – Exceeding expectations to meet everyone need to the best of our ability
  • Accountability – We build personal relationship with our clients and follow up with them.
  • Quality – Consistently strive to provide the highest quality service for all.
  • Communication – Open arm ,loving and compassionate  communication that enable trust and eliminate judgements
  • Support – Provide practical assistance to women in need and offer referral service for concerns beyond our scope.
  • Education – We promote self-independence for all our mother and educate them in their finances,life goal,job search,school goals etc.We help them to find means to provide for themselves and their babies.